Awakening the essence of the self from within through fragrance.

Fragrance momentarily suspends the rapid flow of time, illuminating and revealing oneself.  Discovering one's worth through the power of fragrance.

We strive to awaken the intrinsic value within, drawing forth the latent self with the power of fragrance.


Merdescent conveys a special message infused with emotions and mood.

 Each product is meticulously crafted with intricate formulas, composed of fragrances that embody deep meanings through subtle nuances and harmonious blends.

Each fragrance carries its own unique message, and the signature

scents of each line encapsulate the most essential meanings that 

Merdescent aims to convey.



 The original line has been designed to express the essence of self, illuminating and infusing me with bright energy and vitality in my everyday life

With its 8 scents as the focal point, this line embodies the essence of "me" and stays true to the fundamental principle of bringing happiness and joy to others.

 8 scents, each with its unique character, define the original line. Among them, the musk peony scent stands as its iconic representative and enjoys widespread popularity.


The vintage line embodies daily change, challenges, and awakening from within. Its theme elevates my lifestyle, adding a radiant touch, and fulfills my values.

The perfume composition of the vintage line consists of five distinctive scents. Almond Beryl: It is a scent that combines quietness with a warm and serene atmosphere. Leaf Ground: A natural scent that awakens the mind and provides clear energy. Montfleur: It has a romantic flower scent that seems to have stopped time. Vert verto: A fragrance that matches the special impression and softness in the fast-changing daily life. Mauve Santal: A scent that lets you feel the energy from light and visual performance. I hope this translation is more accurate and meets expectations.


The SOOB ARCHIVE series, pronounced as "SOOB" in Korean, is spelled the same way as "forest" in English. The SOOB ARCHIVE series focuses on interpreting the laws of nature in their truest form. The numbers 10, 13, and 17 represent unique fragrance series numbers that were developed through the exploration of the SOOB ARCHIVE series.